Proudly serving an exclusive, loyal clientele in Canada since 2012. We wish you a Merry Christmas ! Happy Hanukkah ! and a Peaceful New Year !.
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Basilur Story

Basilur Tea was established about a decade ago by an experienced and ambitious team with several decades’ worth of accumulated experience in this field.

The goal was to fill the gap of a niche tea market with an exclusive tea product, offering both innovation and uniqueness in packaging & tea.

Moving a step further by providing the world’s finest tea in unique and extraordinary packaging, Basilur Tea has earned a name for its innovative and exceptional quality tea products supplied directly from right where the tea is grown, Ceylon.Custom-made packaging designs have transformed Basilur into only one of its kind.

The finest quality tea is blended with a stunning variety of flavors and natural fruits and herbs to provide a delightful and refreshing tea drinking experience.