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What are the most popular blends under BASILUR tea?

cWhilst all blends have been well received by consumers around the world, we have noticed some special preference towards specific blends. The FESTIVAL COLLECTION teas rank first in that category while BOUQUET teas have been a very popular choice among the female consumers. FRUITS & FLOWERS was a novel experience to many customers where it gave them the opportunity to experience pure black /green tea with teas mixed with fruits & flowers in two parts of the same product.

What tea is used for BASILUR brand?

BASILUR has emerged as a 100% Pure Ceylon tea product. We have a range of Ceylon High Grown teas, Medium Growns and Low Growns. High Grown & low Grown black teas are also available with & without flavours. Also a range of flavoured & non flavoured green teas are available under BASILUR.

Is BASILUR Leaf Tea better than tea bags?

Occasionally, tea connoisseurs will express contempt for tea bags, for the following reasons
1. Tea bags usually contain broken grades so that they will infuse quickly.
2. Whole-leaf teas come in a larger number of varieties; and the most interesting and enjoyable teas are sometimes not available in bags.
3. Connoisseurs like to have something to sneer at.

Nevertheless, BASILUR use only the highest quality grades for our tea bags ensuring the same enjoyment as of a leafy grade. Of course, you can always enjoy BASILUR leaf tea better because you could touch it and feel it and see how is has been made. We invite you to enjoy some of the unique characters of Ceylon teas such as Dimbula, Nuwara Eliya and Uva in BASILUR tea bags.

A friend of mine recently offered me a delicious BASILUR tea and was unable to find it in my local supermarket. How can I receive your teas?

Our local distributor's names & their links are in the CONTACTS section. If you are from another country/region, please write to us at [email protected] or call us at +9471 8943311 at 24/7/365. We will be glad to assist with your purchase or any further information.

How to make a perfect BASILUR cuppa?

Generally spring water has a higher mineral content. Acidity, alkalinity and mineral content of the water can affect the taste of the brew. Water with a higher mineral content can give a fuller, sweeter taste, while water with a lower mineral content can taste slightly sharper & bright. The types of minerals present will also change the taste & body of the tea. Calcium is needed for a full sweet taste where as magnesium & iron are detrimental to the flavour of the tea. The ph of the water can have similar effects, though closer to neutral ( a ph of 07 is neutral) or slightly alkaline is generally considered best for tea. If you are using tap water some sort of filtration is usually recommended. One should remove chlorine & other chemicals as well as sediment from your water eliminating too many minerals. The composition of tap water varies from region to region. It is informative to experiment using different bottled waters & filtering techniques with a regularly used tea to experience the difference of good water & to find your own preferences