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Why Basilur

There are many reasons our fans love our tea! Some say it’s simply the best tea around. Others marvel at the collectible tins the tea is packed in. The truth is, we’ve put a lot of thought into creating an amazing tea product! If you are new to Basilur, consider the following:

  • Guaranteed Freshness: Our teas are packed directly where they are sourced-Ceylon (Sri Lanka)- just a few days after harvesting. Couple this with quality resealable packaging and you are promised only the freshest cup of tea available! Unlike many tea brands on the market, Basilur Tea is not a packing company that blends imported teas from different sources that have often been handled by intermediary suppliers through some time and have lost their freshness.
  • Quality Ingredients: We use only the highest grade of tea leaves available in all of our teas. Our skilled in-house tea tasters blend the best teas with the top quality herbs and natural flavours to create unique and nuanced tea blends. Try it for yourself!
  • Basilur Tea makes for a great gift! You may have noticed that Basilur Tea is no ordinary box of tea! That’s because our unique tin caddies are designed to be a work of art for your or your endeared friends and family to enjoy!
  • There’s always something new with Basilur Tea! We commit to creating new and exciting tea blends and designs for you to enjoy regularly. Basilur Tea prides itself on creative and novel tea products that are sure to please the eyes and taste buds!